Winning the Prize

Winning the prizeTrophies and winning go hand in hand!

Vince Lombardi, successful Packers coach, is on record using the quote Winning isnt everything, its the only thing. Grantland Rice, the great sports writer once said, Its not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game.

At Jacks Team Sports we believe everyone who participates in sports is a winner Kids and Adults alike! Sports and team camaraderie simply promote a more healthy active lifestyle. The benefits of participating in sports are astounding and will improve your lifestyle in so many ways.

Being active in sports and participating on a team will:

  1. Help define your organizational skills
  2. Initiate social interaction and cooperation
  3. Promote respect for authority
  4. Bridge the link between hard work and success
  5. Teach the value of team work
  6. Raise awareness of how to win and lose gracefully
  7. Encourage goal setting

Jacks Team Sports has a full-line, on-site trophy department. We can custom design and make anything from trophies to plaques, and awards for any venue or occasion. Contact us today, to ask about the possibilities.